Tuesday, May 31, 2011

running with purpose

It's that time of year again when I merge two of my favorite things: running and raising money for missionaries. This year I am please to also involve a new one of my favorite things: Genevieve. On 9.10.11, Genevieve and I (her in the jogger and me pushing it) will be taking on the "Run to the Rock" 10k. It's a race to Plymouth Rock. This seems fitting as my family came on the Mayflower.

All donations will go to Speed the Light which is one of my favorite charities. Speed the Light provides transportation and communication equipment for missionaries around the world. This enables them to meet practical needs of people in need while also allowing them to share the Gospel. You can find out more about Speed the Light at www.speedthelight.com

If you would like to support this cause, you may make a donation by clicking the paypal link to the right. I also covet your prayers.

Thanks. God bless!